CSR debuts SiRFstarIV location-aware architecture, kisses slow fixes goodbye

Nary half a year after snapping up SiRF, CSR is already tooting its horn about an all new SiRFstar architecture. The predictably titled SiRFstarIV technology takes quite the leap over its three-pronged predecessor, all but promising to nix those annoyingly long location fixes that are all too common on existing PNDs. The new location-aware, self-assisted, micro-power tech enables devices to be continually aware of location without requiring network aide; furthermore, there's hardly any power drain to speak of, which ought to please smartphone owners who can literally watch their battery meter drop with GPS enabled. CSR's first SiRFstarIV product is the GSD4t receiver, which is optimized for mobile phones and "other space and power-sensitive consumer devices." We're told that samples of the chip are shipping out now, with mass production slated for October and device integration happening shortly thereafter.