Foxconn increases compensation to family of worker who committed suicide

Foxconn hasn't exactly been helping itself much lately in the sad case of an employee of the company who committed suicide after apparently misplacing an iPhone prototype, with it first noting that the worker had a history of misplacing such prototypes, and then going on to offer his family a rather meager compensation of $44,000 and a free Apple laptop. It now looks to be trying to improve things somewhat, however, with a Foxconn official saying that the company has now agreed to pay Sun Danyong's parents 360,000 yuan (or about $52,600) in compensation up front, plus an additional 30,000 yuan (or $4,385) every year thereafter. Of course, that official is speaking on the condition of anonymity, so things could still well change, and it goes without saying that this likely won't be the last we hear of this story.