LG GD910 used for cringe-worthy demo video call

The LG wristphone has already experienced quite a bit of exposure ahead of its August UK release, but the diligent team at Orange just couldn't leave us without some extra titillation in the shape of a demo video. If you'll excuse the marketing inanity from the two reps, there's a pretty good exhibition of the GD910's video chat capabilities to be seen. Disappointingly, the audio sounds somewhat tinny, there was one glitch in the video stream, and a particularly uncharitable conclusion might be that LG is bringing 90s-era webcam technology to your 21st century wrist. Of course, this is still the phone to use for playing out latent James Bond fantasies, so we're willing to overlook a few foibles if LG is willing to price this device at a point somewhere south of "stratospheric." Mosey on past the break to see the long-awaited hand-mounted communicator in action.

[Via Slashgear]