Neuhaus T-2 vacuum tube amplifier turns heretic, offers USB input

We're more used to seeing vacuum tubes on iPod speaker docks, but the Neuhaus T-2 brings some of that analog action to your computer by serving as a USB amplifier. Those among us who think MP3 compression is just a-okay will find this new device boils down to a handsome-looking external sound card, with perhaps a bit of extra oomph. For the audiophiles, already cringing in distress at the preceding sentence, we have specs: the T-2 pumps out 20W each to two channels, with a signal-to-noise ratio of 85dB and a frequency response between 10Hz and 30KHz. If you find any of that attractive, hold your racing heart in check, as the asking price is $795. We suppose it's more affordable than the Magma, but then again so is a new car.

[Via Switched]