Withings Connected Body Scale remembers what you'd rather forget

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|07.28.09

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Withings Connected Body Scale remembers what you'd rather forget

More often the object of dread than fascination, the humble bathroom scale has been given a makeover by Withings, which has injected the Connected Body Scale with WiFi and an online progress tracking system not too dissimilar from that used by Nike+. This sleek metallic device is accurate to 100 grams -- oh yes, it's metric, like it should be -- and conducts a body mass analysis that can tell you the uncomfortable truth, should you care to know it. Accessing progress data can be done via a free iPhone app or the company's website, which is also the best place to plop down the €129 ($184) entry fee. And don't tell us you're not interested, somebody is buying up all those Wii Fit boards and it sure as hell isn't us. Video after the break.

Update: Withings tells us that pound measurements are also available for you eccentric old schoolers, and September should see a US release priced at $159, so good news all around.

[Via Chip Chick]

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