Palm's webOS gets a couple more apps -- are the floodgates opening?

We're doing our darnedest not to be recklessly optimistic here, but after weeks and weeks of nothing, a few new somethings have sauntered into Palm's App Catalog. If you'll recall, we actually heard earlier this month that said catalog was destined to get some serious additions in the near future, and we're hoping that the surfacing of these two is a sign of things to come. Announced this morning over on Palm's official blog, OpenTable and Fliq Bookmarks are now available to download on the Pre. The former allows hungry owners to secure themselves a spot at a nearby eatery, while the latter works with The Missing Sync for Palm Pre to transfer Safari bookmarks from your desktop (Mac for now, PC coming soon) to the Pre. Sure, it's not like these two are the killer apps we've been longing for, but at this point, any progress is great progress.