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Audi's next-gen R8 MMI recognizes handwriting, probably increases your insurance premium

There's comes a time in every technology's life when the envelope gets pushed just for the sake of getting pushed. For Audi's already complex MMI, this is it. Right around this time last year, we were drooling quite profusely over the A8's next-generation Multi Media Interface (which is basically a snazzy name for an in-dash NAV system), but this year, we're wondering who exactly will take advantage of the R8's next system. Aside from getting a much needed UI makeover, Autobild is reporting that said platform will include support for handwriting recognition. So far as we can tell, you simply pencil in your next address with your greasy digits and tag the correct word that pops up there on the right. We're still waiting to hear why this is preferred over a decent voice recognition system, but hey, so long as James Bond approves, who are we to argue?

[Via German Car Blog]