HTC Hero coming October 11th to Sprint?

Let's go through the steps together, shall we? A "senior member" forum poster on the xda-developers forums has posted the above pic as proof that the HTC Hero is coming to the US on October 11th -- a claim he's been making as far back as April, but this is the first time he's brought a picture with him. The poster says he works for a wireless developer firm, and while this picture can easily be faked, we don't think it's necessarily that much of a stretch. Let's look at some of the other phones listed. There's "Samsung Q (Android)," which could provide a missing link between the InstinctQ and the company's mysterious Android phone that was supposed to be out on Sprint and T-Mobile by now. BlackBerry Aries is the CDMA version the Curve 8520, and traditionally RIM's CDMA devices wind up on both Sprint and Verizon. The LG LX610 / Lotus 2 is a new one to us, but Lotus seems to have been well-received for Sprint. So to pull all that data together, if this list is the real deal, we'd say it came from Now Network company. This is the sort of phone Dan Hesse would be glad to have waited for, isn't it?

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