Phat Loot Phriday: Wisdom's Hold

Not all shields are for blocking. If you're a Shaman or a Pally, this caster shield is probably droolworthy.

Name: Wisdom's Hold (Wowhead, Thottbot, WoWDB)
Type: Epic Shield
Armor: 8130, 227 Block

  • +70 Stamina, +48 Intellect, which means lots of HP and Mana for you.

  • Improves crit strike by 40, haste by 47, and spell power by 75. Nice set of bonuses there, too.

  • And a blue socket, with a socket bonus of +5 spell power. It's a slight upgrade over Voice of Reason, the other big caster shield near endgame, but enough of an upgrade that you want this one if you can get it.


  • Plus, like most of the Ulduar stuff we've been looking at lately (feel free to recommend a "husky" item for next week in the comments below), it looks pretty awesome. Those sparks fly out of the gem in the center, so be careful not to burn yourself on the incredible power contained there.

How to Get It: Drops from the Cache of Storms in Ulduar's Heroic (25-man) mode. The Cache of Storms is only available after bringing down Thorim. I don't think you have to do Never mind, it is from his hard mode (which involves running the gauntlet in front of him quickly enough to bring his wife Sif into the battle), so finish him off in 25-man and hope this baby gets spawned in the cache. Win the roll against any other shield-using casters (or use your DKP, you know the drill), and the shield is yours.

Getting Rid of It: And likely will be yours for a while -- if you noticed, the previous shield actually comes from Naxx. So who knows whether the Coliseum will offer up a respectable caster shield. If it doesn't, you might be waiting until Icecrown to replace this one. At any rate, when you do replace it, you can disenchant it into an Abyss Crystal or sell it back for 15g 4s 14c.