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DIY Eee Keyboard is big, beautiful, and highly coveted

DIY Eee Keyboard is big, beautiful, and highly coveted
Ross Miller
Ross Miller|August 2, 2009 6:52 AM
The ASUS Eee Keyboard is thin, sleek, and has a touchscreen pad. This do-it-yourself is bulky, uses a green backlight, and has instead a wireless mouse and numpad. Still, there's something magical and all kinds of wonderful about this home project, essentially an Eee PC 900 shoved into a Sven Multimedia EL 4002 keyboard. All you need is a VGA cable hooked up to a monitor and you're officially good to go. Itching to recreate this beaut for yourself? Hit up the read link for a plethora of in-process screenshots and some commentary from its maker.

[Via Liliputing]

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