Lost, Desperate Housewives & Grey's Anatomy streaming to Netflix Watch Instantly

This weekend, the first four seasons of Lost suddenly became available for streaming (in HD even) via Netflix Watch Instantly, and now Netflix and Disney-ABC have announced an agreement (an extension to the deal that already brought Disney episodes of JONAS, Hannah Montana and more to the service the day after they aired) that will bring even more familiar content to the service. Desperate Housewives and Legend of the Seeker already have some seasons available, while the fifth seasons of Grey's Anatomy, Lost and Desperate Housewives are coming along for the ride in September. We're sure the Lostpedia heads have already bought and doubled up on the series DVD and Blu-ray releases, but for everyone else struggling to remember what the hell is so important about that island, it's easier than ever to catch up before the final season starts.

[Via The Official Netflix Blog]