Piggy speakers are so cute they make us wish we were still vegetarians

We've seen enough little portable speakers in our day, and we're pretty hard to impress at this point. Now, we're not saying that we're "impressed" with the little ceramic pig speaker that you see in the image above, but... there's something somewhat special about it. While we don't have any specs on this one, we can say with a reasonable amount of certainty that this little speaker's not going to impress even the beginner audiophile, but still, we think it's cute enough to warrant a place on our desk, right between our Fender Mini-Deluxe amp and the tiny reproduction Parrothead visor we made for our Chihuahua. These little porkers (which can be plugged into your favorite PMP for maximum blasting of "Margaritaville" on-the-go) seem to be available in Japan only for the time being, and they run ¥4,725 (about $50). They also come in several different colors -- a photo of the other options is after the break.

[Via Technabob]