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Rumor mill: Nikon VP650 camera / projector combo soon to be revealed

Rumor mill: Nikon VP650 camera / projector combo soon to be revealed
Laura June Dziuban
Laura June Dziuban|August 3, 2009 12:01 AM
Looks like our one of our dreams just might come to fruition after all, if this newest rumor coming from the vicinity of Nikon is to be believed, anyway. Now, there aren't a lot of details to go round here, but Nikon Rumors is reporting that Chasseur d'Image -- a print magazine in France with a history of publishing rumors that turn into reality -- has published a report that Nikon will soon announce the VP650. What is this VP650, you ask? Well, it's a hybrid compact digital camera with an LED projector (which may or may not be manufactured by Taiwanese company Foxlink) that can project 8 x 12 images in "good quality" in the dark. Chasseur d'Image reports that the VP650 will ship in September. Like we said -- not a whole lot of detail, but we'll keep our eyes peeled to see if this thing ever appears. We'll say this though -- such a product would probably make the tiny projector a lot more attractive.
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