Microsoft's big new Xbox update makes some game installs much, much smaller

The ability to optionally install games on the Xbox 360's hard drive is something we've been jazzed about for some time, because while the machine's DVD drive isn't terribly slow, it isn't terribly quiet either -- and who has time for progress bars? However, those of us still rocking older, 20GB machines quickly discovered that the 6-plus GB install files of some games put a real hurtin' on what little disk space we had left, leaving us to choose between reducing load-times while exploring the Urban Wasteland or deleting all those random demos we keep forgetting about. Microsoft has a solution, and this time it's not a moderately less expensive new hard drive. Included in the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update, due one week from today, is a previously unmentioned feature that shrinks those game installs, sometimes by a huge margin. King of Fighters XII went from 3.4GB down to 703MB, while Raiden Fighters Aces is now just 484MB. Any of you early bird previewers finding other titles that have trimmed the fat?