Leaked back-of-box chart shows Xbox line winnowing down to Arcade and Elite SKUs

And then there were two? After Microsoft got all cute with us and introduced its current lineup of three concurrent Xbox versions, we thought we'd never get that portion of our limited brain matter back for storing more important things -- like the complicated political structures of Frank Herbert's Dune, for instance. Well, if this recently leaked photo of a revised Xbox 360 Arcade box is any indication, the regular "Xbox 360" SKU is on the outs, to make room for just the Arcade and Elite configurations on each end of the spectrum. Hopefully this means the Elite is also going to shuffle on down to the middle SKU's $300 pricepoint, but we'll have to wait and see. Naturally, Microsoft might just want that third slot for a Project Natal-packing Xbox edition next year, or perhaps this whole different box situation is just a Excel spreadsheet mishap that's gotten way out of hand.

[Via Electronista]