Mac OS X 10.5.8 now available, way less than 0.1 away from Snow Leopard

Apple's just unleashed its latest 10.5 update on an unsuspecting (well, totally suspecting, actually) crowd, so go ahead and fire up Software Update and see if Cupertino's left you any 10.5.8-flavored presents under the tree. We bet you didn't expect Wednesday to be this amazingly, incredibly awesome, now, did you? Follow the break for the full changelog.

  • Upgrades Safari to version 4.0.2.

  • Improves the accuracy of full history search in Safari 4.

  • Resolves an issue in which certain resolutions might not appear in the Display pane in System Preferences.

  • Dragging an Aperture image into Automator now invokes an Aperture action instead of incorrectly invoking an iPhoto action.

  • Resolves an issue that could prevent importing of large photo and movie files from digital cameras.

  • Improves overall Bluetooth reliability with external devices, USB webcams and printers.

  • Addresses an issue that could cause extended startup times.

  • Improves iCal reliability with MobileMe Sync and CalDav.

  • Addresses data reliability issues with iDisk and MobileMe.

  • Improves overall reliability with AFP.

  • Improves overall reliability with Managed Client.

  • Improves compatibility and reliability for joining AirPort networks.

  • Improves Sync Service reliability.

  • Includes additional RAW image support for several third-party cameras.

  • Improves compatibility with some external USB hard drives.

  • Includes latest security fixes.