Zune HD dock and remote hands-on

Glossy black gadgetry lit only by the very table on which it rests isn't exactly an ideal situation for photography, but when it's our first sighting of the Zune HD video dock, we'll do our best. Microsoft had a small booth set up at tonight's gdgt launch party in San Francisco, where they were showing off the device (no shots of the UI allowed, even if it's largely unchanged since our last handling a month back). The dock was connected to flat-panel screen via HDMI and output 720p. A separate remote is provided for navigating through your videos from the comfort of your couch while leaving the media player docked, but once we got our hands on that, it was at this point that a rep made us put the camera away. Bummer. Hopefully we can get a better glimpse soon, but for now, images in the gallery below.