Apple patent application promises means to detect gadget abuse

Apple's already put liquid submersion sensors in some of its recent products, but a recent patent application seems to suggest that it has some considerably grander plans in mind to detect and prevent gadget abuse. Described as a "Consumer Abuse Detection System and Method," the new system would apparently make use of a whole range of sensors to various issues that might void the warranty of the device, like exposure to extreme cold or heat, drops, or submersion in liquid. What's more, unlike the current liquid sensors that simply change color when something bad happens, the new system would apparently store the damage digitally in memory which, presumably, wouldn't be as susceptible to damage as the device itself. The system would also apparently do its best to protect the devices by disabling them if it detects some imminent danger, although Apple doesn't make any bones about the fact that it's primarily designed to save money on returned products that have been abused by the user.