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Transmission Audio Ultimate speakers -- $1M for the best monophonic sound ever

We didn't think anything would top Goldmund's $190,000 Telos 5000 amplifier, but we should have known better. Bloated excess knows no bounds, so coming in at a cool $1,000,000 per side, we've got Transmission Audio's Ultimate speakers. Each channel consists of six, 7-foot high panels (one supertweeter ribbon, two tweeter/midrange ribbons, one 24x8-inch woofer, and two 10x15-inch subwoofer); taken together, a stereo pair of the Ultimates will eat up a modest 37-foot swath of your living room airplane hangar. Even people with more money than sense like convenience, though, so the Ultimate takes a page from the HTIB crowd and bundles in six 500-Watt dual-mono amplifiers and a preamp. At these prices, you'd think Transmission Audio could afford some bandwidth, but the company website has been stripped of photos at the moment, so hit the read link for more eye candy.

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