Nokia device passes FCC for T-Mobile USA, looks an awful lot like a new Internet Tablet to us

Every week, random, seemingly anonymous Nokia handsets quietly pick up FCC approval. Most will never see the light of day on an American carrier, and the ones that do have usually already been announced so that by the time we figure out what the FCC filing refers to, it's uninteresting. Today, though, we noticed a Nokia RX-51 get certification, and we were immediately intrigued; standard Nokia phones have an "RM" designation, so "RX" has us thinking that this is no ordinary phone. Taking a peek at the SAR documentation reveals that it rolls deep with AWS 3G, just the kind that T-Mobile USA needs to do its thing. The final piece in this amazing puzzle has to be the ID placement doc, which shows the outline of a device far wider than your standard dumbphone. Where are we going with this? You might recall MobileCrunch's information from a while back suggesting that T-Mobile USA would be getting a Maemo 5-powered superphone codenamed "Rover" -- and, well, we're pretty sure this is it. Stay tuned -- things are about to get interesting.