Blu-ray support coming with iTunes 9?

Take this rumor with a fairly large grain of salt and please hold your "bag of hurt" comments until the end. Boy Genius claims he's got it on word from a "pretty reliable source" that the next big iTunes revision will include better organization options for your iPhone / iPod touch apps, something vague concerning integration with Twitter, Facebook, and, and... Blu-ray support. To be fair, the HD disc format wars are all but over at this point, and the most recent Final Cut Pro actually lets you burn video directly to a third-party BD drive, only to have to play the discs on another, non-Mac device. This is all pretty sketch at the moment, and we doubt the boys in Cupertino will be showing their hands until just after the eleventh hour -- let's not forget, also, that iTunes is also available for Windows which does have other third-party Blu-ray players. In possibly related whispers, AppleInsider has offered some none-too-descriptive hints at possible iMac refresh with some improvements catering to the "semi-professional audio / video crowd." Between this and talk about a tablet, we can't wait for the next Apple press conference, if only to subside all the rumors for a few months.

Our resident HD expert Ben Drawbaugh has chimed in on the matter, hypothesizing that this might be referring to support for Managed Copy, a digitized (and DRM restricted) copy of the film that you would save onto your local hard drive. But in that scenario, it still doesn't behoove Apple to add that to iTunes unless it was looking to put Blu-ray drives on its own machines, which makes this (still very faint) rumor all the more interesting.

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