[1.Local]: Speaking of patch week chatter

Reader comments -- ahh, yes, the juicy goodness following a meaty post. [1.Local] ducks past the swinging doors to see what readers have been chatting about in the back room over the past week.

Patch week? Oh, yeah. Speaking of patch week, we all knew that patch week was going to be rough. We knew there would be delays, and bugs, and restarts, and false starts. We knew that hardcore players would gripe, that newbies would be confused and that there would be plenty of contentious debate from all sides.

What we didn't know is that we could be caught unaware by even geek crafts. Take it from mibluvr13, who took one look at the baby Hordie shirt
featured in this week's World of WarCrafts column and began groping for the Escape key. "Ooooh, god," mibluvr13 moaned. "I never thought would punch me in the biological clock. BRB, having a kid."

The week in reader comments, through the bleary eyes of our punch-drunk, patch-distracted readers, after the break.

The next level of questing
Quests – they work pretty much the same way as they have since the game launched. What if Blizzard were to come up with new quest types or mechanics? What might those look like? "Talking real pie-in-the-sky here, I'd like to see quest-givers treat you different based on the way you look or maybe what title you've got equipped," speculated Mike Schramm. "If you've got 'Jenkins,' they might not expect you to do much, but with 'Champion of Ulduar' over your head, they should probably be groveling at your feet."

Aarkan: What's with all the Jenkins hate?

ziggler: Jenkins title is the new Night Elf melee Hunter named xxlegolasxx.

Amaxe: *EVERYONE* has it, so it isn't worth much ... or at least that is why I never use it.

Quitting smoking in Azeroth
And speaking of completing quest lines worthy of titles ... When's Michael Grey wrote about how he changed his playstyle in game to support the process of quitting smoking – successfully, we might add – readers awarded him an honorary Feat of Strength.

PvtDeth: This is one of the most useful and meaningful threads I've seen on this site, and really anywhere on the internet, in a long time. I think it's important to recognize that if you're really serious about ending your addiction, you may have to make big sacrifices in seemingly unrelated but enabling areas, like raiding or arenas.

WoW has recently helped me overcome an addictive behavior. The struggle now is not to get addicted to this game, which would be trading one addiction for another. For me, though, WoW is much easier to manage than its predecessor in my life. As long as I am always meeting my work, social and family obligations and making good progress on my personal goals, I feel I can objectively feel safe in considering myself not addicted to Warcraft.

How WoW and Warhammer treat RP servers
Speaking of feeling safe ... What really goes on between players on roleplaying realms?

RetPallyJil: A couple of years ago, I made a toon on an RP server, just to have a look-see. I didn't even make it halfway to Marshal McBride when some fool whispered me: "I have bitten you. You are now my vampire bride." I replied, "Like hell I am, freak," logged out and deleted the character. Total time RPing: 30 seconds, if you don't count the intro movie.

rulez: There is no RP there. Someone was trying to godmod you and you insulted him out of character. The situation you describe would be the same for me as a goldseller whisper.

RetPallyJil: Yeah, God forbid I should "insult" someone for trying to forcibly take over my gameplay, huh?

Spark: I think you missed the point. There was no RP. Some wonk tried to take over your gameplay as you noted. You responded OOC and then bailed (not that I'd blame you). Nothing in that exchange was what I'd call RP.

It's a pity that's your only exposure to RP. It's akin to quitting WoW because your first attempt involved some wonk tagging all the mobs or training mobs on to you (or you kept getting camped when tricked in to flagging PvP). If this kind of behavior was all there was to the game, I wouldn't have anything to do with it, either.

In loving memory
And speaking of behavior that does have something to do with it ... When a thoughtful GM awarded a in-game cat to a player who'd recently lost her own beloved kitty, readers let out a collective "Awww ..."

Frank: As someone who has lost not one but TWO elderly cats in the past 2.5 years, I feel for you so deeply. I also have two in-game cats that I bought in memory of my two RL cats, so I know how much an in-game representation of your pet can mean to you. A big THANK YOU to the GM who understands this, too, and got you your pet.

On the happier side, I am actually getting TWO 10-week old non-combat kitten pets today IRL. : D

epicboyz: Y non-combat? ;P

Frank: 'cuz i'm a Mage, and they are just babies. ; )

impurezero: Don't worry ... all kittens are combat pets.
/tar feet of sleeping person

Frank: I stand corrected. From what I have experienced so far, they definitely ARE combat pets! : D

The secret life of pastries
Speaking of Around Azeroth ... Elizabeth Wachowski sure does come up with the interesting flavor text.

Wyred: Holy Freudian slip, Batman, you sure read a lot into that composition.

Mop+Bucket: What the...? Why has one only got one arm and the other is smiling?!?!??! Maybe the gingerbreadmen had a ginger good time. XD

alden223: I'll never understand how you select these photos. There's no rhyme or reason to the process. Art is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose. /sigh

Amapele: It may not be art but if anything, it shows the detail that goes into the graphics of this game. I think it's pretty cute.

Big Red Kitty gets his own gun in Azeroth
And speaking of the detail that goes into the graphics of this game ... When much-loved, retired Hunter blogger (and past contributor) Big Red Kitty was honored with an item named after him in the recent patch, readers went wild.

Drow: I MUST HAVE THIS GUN! FINALLY! A nod I can completely relate to! I remember watching all his videos and really getting into them when he was testing Wrath beta. I would read his blog and fall in love with his advice but was always sad that his guild didn't progress very far/well/fast.

AND THIS GUN! From a tribute run is perfect! It's not just another easy loot item lvl 200 or something, it's something REAL that people will USE! GIVE ME!

Hawk: What does the raspberry reference mean? I never followed that blog, so I have no clue.

kunukia: BRK drinks raspberry lattes.

MechChef: If Rossi was more active, he could get his own piece of gear. Something along the lines of: Rossi's Breastplate of Furry (yes, I meant to spell it furry).

The Hogger meme
And speaking of furry creatures ... There's always the Hogger meme to discuss. It looks like reader link has discovered where the real power lies.

link: Hogger is the one melting the ice stone.

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