Retailer claims PS3 Slim is headed for Europe next month, getting 100 Euro price drop

More fuel to the spreading rumor of a gamescom debut for the PS3 Slim: French games site JVN got ahold of an "anonymous retailer" who spilled the supposed beans of an impending PS3 Slim launch in Europe. Word is that the console is supposed to land next month over there for €300 Euro -- €100 Euro less than it currently retails, a real sight for sore, price-gouged eyes -- and gamescom seems to be the safest bet for a debut. Other details are scarce, and some facts are downright confusing: the console is currently being listed by this retailer's wholesalers as a "limited edition," which naturally seems silly given the traditional PlayStation life cycle. Still, we like where this all is headed.

[Via Joystiq]