Apple might be planning keynote for week of September 7th, might have new products on offer

We're hearing "multiple sources" are now reporting that Apple is most likely planning a keynote event -- possibly for the week of September 7th. There's also the requisite murmuring that one Steve Jobs may make an appearance -- though of course, there's also nothing more solid than wishes and fairy dust to back that one up. As far as possible product launches go, well, there have been significant whisperings about upcoming iPod / iTunes developments as of late, including the company's reported dealings with major record labels. This would fall in line with Apple's habit of releasing iPods every fall, and we've heard plenty about upcoming iPod touches which boast, among other things -- a camera and microphone. Daring Fireball has also reported that these bad boys will come in 16, 32 and 64GB varieties running $199, $299, and $399, respectively. In more salacious gossip, there's the possible Apple tablet we've been hearing about, but there's no solid word on any products for now. We'll be watching this one closely, we assure you.

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