HTC files patent for capacitive stylus with resistive accuracy

Though capacitive displays are generally regarded as the easier-to-use technology for mobile touchscreens, their finger-friendliness comes at a dear price: accuracy. Because capacitive tech is incompatible with traditional styli, you're stuck fudging things with your fat digits or settling for a high-tech finger alternative that arguably creates as many problems as it solves. Don't worry, though -- HTC feels your pain, and it seems like they're looking to keep the classic stylus in the game as the company's lineup makes the inevitable transition to capacitive over the coming years. A new patent application describes a stylus with some sort of magnetically charged tip -- at first, we thought that sounded suspiciously like what Wacom does for its tablets, but unlike Wacom's tech, this would function with a traditional, seemingly unmodified capacitive display. It's funny how we've all written off styli in the past couple years and now we've got HTC over here doing everything it can to save 'em -- but hey, if this means we're going to get the best of both worlds, we're all for it.