Qik for iPhone 3GS now available, still not capable of live 3G streaming

So, there's good news and bad news. The good news is that Qik for iPhone 3GS is now available, and it's completely gratis to download. The bad news is that it probably won't do exactly what you want it to. You see, those on Symbian S60 have grown used to a Qik that can actually stream live video to the internet, whereas this app is currently just a "capture and upload" piece. Moreover, it only works via WiFi, so if you're not near a hotspot once your video is done, you'll have to wait until you wander back over to one before it automatically begins uploading. Though, you can let the app automatically inform viewers of where the video was taken (in case you feel like pampering guests who show up unannounced), and you can also frame the video horizontally or vertically. The Qik team assures us that an update is in the works to add 3G uploading, but for now, it's WiFi or bust. Which is kosher so long as it's free... we guess.

[Thanks, Jackie]