HP teaming with Dr. Dre for new 'Beats' line, music ecosystem in the works

Naturally, until proven otherwise this just sounds like an excuse for a computer company to charge more for Dre-branded semi-music-related products, but according to CNET there's a bit more meat to a new deal between HP and Dr. Dre to create a line of "Beats by Dr. Dre" laptops, headphones and software. Apparently Dre, Interscope's Jimmy lovine and HP hope to foster a new "digital music ecosystem," which would boost audio quality the whole way down the chain. Sounds great if they can pull it off, and it's not like they're going it alone: they welcome Apple and other CE companies to join forces. But if anything, we're just glad to see Dre and lovine expand their gear collaboration efforts outside of Monster Cable.

[Via BusinessWeek]