Bunch of unreleased Nokias caught chatting amongst themselves

At a quick glance, you might write off this picture as nothing more than a rehash of recently-launched Nokia models. Look closer, though -- way closer -- and you might notice that the phone in the front is actually an N97 Mini (check d-padless keyboard, for instance). Going around the table, you realize that we're actually dealing with a who's-who of new and unannounced gear: a 6760 (Yanks know this as the Surge), an E72, E52, and a chromed-up touchscreen device that looks like it could be the long-rumored 5900 XpressMusic. Who has access to all this awesome stuff? Some retailer, apparently, who's got a public Flickr account and a happy shutter finger. We'll take one of each, please.

Update: At the owner's request, we've had to pull the photograph. Sorry, folks!