IBM studying 'DNA origami' to build next-gen microchips, paralyze world with fear

IBM is already making a beeline to 28nm process technology, but it looks like the train may deviate a bit before it even reaches the bottom. Reportedly, the company responsible for PowerPC, the original business laptop and all sorts of underground things that we'll never comprehend is now looking to use DNA as a model for crafting the world's next great processor. DNA origami, as it's so tactfully called, can supposedly provide a cheap framework "on which to build tiny microchips," with IBM research manager Spike Narayan proclaiming that this is "the first demonstration of using biological molecules to help with processing in the semiconductor industry." Sir Spike also noted that "if the DNA origami process scales to production-level, manufacturers could trade hundreds of millions of dollars in complex tools for less than a million dollars of polymers, DNA solutions, and heating implements." The actual process still seems murky from here, but we're told to expect real results within ten years. Which should be just in time for the robot apocalypse to really hit its stride -- awesome.

[Via HotHardware]