Acer reportedly set to launch three touch-enabled, Windows 7-based devices

Another company producing yet more products that take advantage of Windows 7's much-vaunted touch capabilities? Amazing but true, at least according to DigiTimes, which is reporting that Acer is set to launch no less than three "touch-enabled products" loaded with Windows 7. That word apparently comes straight from a product manager in the company's mobile computer department, who also went on to say that touch-enabled netbooks might see "good market acceptance" if they're marketed as cheaper alternatives to tablet PCs, although it's not clear if the products in question are actually touch-enabled netbooks. In other touch-related news, Acer is also reportedly looking at using in-cell touch panel technology when it becomes widely available, which should be cheaper to produce than conventional touch panels that don't have all the necessary touch components built right in at the LCD panel level.