Sony sneaks PS3 Slim through FCC under pseudonym, 250GB model discovered

Shenanigans were afoot in Sony's efforts to throw bloggers (such as yours truly) off the scent of the just-announced PS3 Slim in the FCC, and we've got to give them credit -- filing the thing as a "Computer Entertainment System" manufactured by "Sand Dollar Enterprise, Inc." managed to do the trick. Well played, Sony. Anyhow, it turns out that Sand Dollar's address is registered to Sony Computer Entertainment of America, which in turn leads us to the matter at hand: test documents for this sneaky bugger reveal a second model number, CECH-2001B, listed as a 250GB version of the console. For the math challenged, that's over two times the storage of the only SKU announced thus far, so if they can get this out for a reasonably modest bump in MSRP (we doubt it) and get it out quickly, it might be worth the wait. Why it's legal for a company to falsify its name with the feds like this is unclear, but we'll admit, we respect and admire the effort. In fact, we'd be even more likely to buy a Slim if it came from a company called Sand Dollar, we think.

[Via PlayStation 3 News]