Canon's PowerShot lineup hands-on: the best of the rest

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Canon's PowerShot lineup hands-on: the best of the rest
Sure, the G11 might grab all the headlines, but there's tons of meat to the rest of Canon's new point and shoots. The S90, for instance, packs the same sensor of the G11 into a deliciously compact (though scarily plastic) body, the new SD940 IS Digital ELPH cams show off slim, curved metal bodies befitting their lineage, and the SD980 IS doesn't sacrifice much in the name of fashion -- while using their ultra-sized touchscreens to the utmost. All the cameras we handled were labeled prototype, and so hopefully the d-pad jiggle we detected on most of these (particularly pronounced on the S90) will be rectified before these hit shelves, but otherwise we like what we see so far.

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