CBS's video ad for print not much better than its video ads for TV

Call us crazy, but this whole idea of embedding video in magazines (just like e-ink on the cover of Esquire) seems rather callous. Really, what better way is there to rub publishers' noses in the "death of print media" than by taking a perfectly good magazine and embedding a TV commercial? Apparently CBS doesn't see it that way, so they're taking Americhip's "multisensorizing" technology to an ad insert that will run in the September 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly. The ad, which will only be seen by subscribers in the New York and LA markets, plays about 40 minutes of video and, presumably, some crappy audio. We've tracked down a YouTube demo of the device (or similar), and although it does little to change our ornery opinion of the matter, we suppose that if it results in one more Ghost Whisperer fan it'll be worth it. Decide for yourself after the break.