Razer adds a dozen keys to Naga MMO mouse, intros rollable gaming surface

Who says MMO gamers are alienated by everyone accessory makers? Across the pond in Germany, Razer has stepped up to serve the needs of basement-dwelling World of Warcraft players with its first dedicated MMO mouse. The Naga, as it's so beautifully called, gives users a dozen customizable buttons on the side in order to take some of those keyboard macros (or just the 1 - 12 number keys) and put them within thumb's reach. The mouse (shown in video after the break) also ships with a robust software suite that can save unlimited profiles and program "thousands of different in-game commands for each character you choose to play." In case that's not enough to get your juices flowing, the company also outed an all new gaming surface (the Megasoma) that can be rolled up and tucked away for easy transport between LAN parties. Check the read link for all the nitty-gritty details, and get ready to hand over $79.99 for the critter and $49.99 for the mouse when they ship worldwide later this year.