Sharp's JD-7C1CL/CW pairs a home phone and digiframe in fine fashion

Hey, remember that OpenFrame touchscreen home telephone that we first peeked way back in August of 2008? Seems like O2 and Verizon weren't the only ones looking to jump on that bandwagon, as Sharp has now issued a phone / frame tandem that looks eerily similar. The JD-7C1CL/CW is available in black and white to match the motifs present in 99 percent of pristine suburban domiciles, with the frame packing a 7-inch touch panel (800 x 480) that acts as a status indicator, calendar, clock, address book and (gasp!) photo frame. The phone itself doesn't look to be anything special, though the frame does include a whopping 128MB of internal memory. No word on a price or release date, but really, you shouldn't be considering a "home phone" in 2009 under any circumstances.

[Via Akihabara News]