Ghostbusters among GameStop's top five games this quarter

GameStop's quarterly earnings report for its second quarter (May through August 1) included a list of the five best-selling games for that time period. Four of the five – UFC 2009 Undisputed, Prototype, Fight Night Round 4, and NCAA Football 2010 – are safe bets; however, the last game on that list is a surprise: Ghostbusters.

Atari's movie adaptation was successful, but its no-show on the last twomonth's NPD charts suggested it wasn't selling that well. In fact, the NPD tells us that across all six platforms, it has sold just 560,000 copies in North America. The best-selling version, in case you were curious, was the Xbox 360 release, at 225,000. We're contacting Atari about the discrepancy between the NPD numbers and Atari's announced one million sales, but its inclusion on GameStop's top seller list seems to imply that Atari's number is closer to the truth. Which would mean that Ghostbusters is something of a stealth hit!