LG GD910 gets UK pricing, arrives August 27

Orange, the exclusive UK carrier for the eagerly anticipated GD910 watch / wrist / just plain cool phone, has this morning announced the date, cost and location of availability. After plenty of talk of meteoric prices, it turns out the GD910 will be even cheaper than we thought, coming in at £500 ($825) on Orange's Pay As You Go service, meaning no contract tie-ins to worry about. Limited time availability and only one device per customer don't suggest an overwhelming amount of stock -- or that the price will hold -- so if you must jump on the cool train, the place to be is the Orange shop at Bond Street Station, London, 9am sharp. If you really can't make it, there will be another limited batch of handsets to be had via the Orange online shop at some point in September -- and we've snagged a video for you as well, just past the break.

[Via Slashgear]

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