PS3 Slim is cheaper, yes, and new Cell processor makes it faster, maybe

If you've been on the fence with that new console purchase then maybe this bit of information will push you over. Not only is the $299 PS3 Slim a skinnier version than its fat bro, it also features a new upgraded Cell processor (jointly developed by IBM, Toshiba, and Sony), according to an IBM spokesman, that uses smaller, more efficient, and less costly 45-nm processes first hinted at back in February of 2008. IBM doesn't specify the clock speed. The 45-nm Cell is 34 percent smaller and requires 40% less power than the original 65-nm processor according to earlier accounts. Any changes to the graphics in the PS3 Slim are still unknown -- the GPU is simply listed as the NVIDIA RSX like the ol' chubster before it. Nevertheless, the IDG New Service says the PS3 Slim "adds hardware enhancements that make it speedier."

What's odd is that Sony didn't make any claims of the PS3 slim being faster at launch and the "boost" in processing speed in the IDG article quoting IBM doesn't seem to come from the IBM spokesman. As such, we're not sure if this is just an improvement in performance-per-watt or something the gamer will actually notice during play. We're still working on the review but rest assured, that's one question we're determined to answer.