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Ricoh CX2 has 10.7x optical zoom, CX1 pedigree

Ah, the cruelty of rapid refresh cycles. It was only six months ago that the well reviewed CX1 hit the scene, but already Ricoh is trotting out its replacement in the form of the CX2. You needn't fret though, as the new shooter retains its predecessor's winning features while adding a few goodies of its own. The zoom has gone from 7.1x to 10.7x, taking it comfortably into the superzoom category, continuous shooting gets upgraded from 4 to 5 fps, and face detection and AF have been enhanced. The latter features should make the new cam easier to use for novices, but when you add up the whole package -- including the already competent 9 megapixel CMOS sensor and HDR imaging capabilities inherited from the CX1 -- you have to wonder if this camera isn't too good for the point and shoot moniker. Suggested UK price is £299.99 ($495), and it should be available in early September.

[Via Akihabara News]