Sirius XM readying SkyDock iPhone / iPod touch accessory and more?

Sirius XM itself may not be dropping many hints just yet (unless you count that iPhone app), but rumors are building that the company is set to make a big push into iPhone / iPod touch territory at an event next week, where it's reportedly set to introduce a slew of new hardware. The standout piece is a so-called "XM SkyDock," which describes as a dock for your iPhone or iPod touch that effectively turns it into a full-fledged satellite radio. Details on it are otherwise still fairly light, as you might expect, but the dock will apparently make use of a new type of power cord that uses your vehicle's wiring as an FM transmitter wire, and will reportedly sell for less than $100. Other new devices supposedly on tap include a new color-screen XM Radio with that same new power cord that'll sell for $80, and a new XM signal repeater that operates in the 900MHz spectrum and will apparently replace the current Delphi repeater.

[Thanks, Kevin]