Apple enlists David Puddy to take on the Laptop Hunters

Apple's created a whole new chapter in its "Get a Mac" ad campaign based on targeting Microsoft's successful Laptop Hunters series, and while at this point it's just a lot of muddled back-and-forth, the gang in Cupertino managed to spice things up a little by bringing in an all-too-recognizable face and voice: Patrick "David Puddy" Warburton. Mr. Brock Samson / Joe Swanson / The Tick comes on as the top-of-the-line PC who some say has a "much too fast" processor but prone to viruses and causing headaches -- you knew were the narrative was going. Video after the break, and you can go ahead and start work on your parody video, "You got a question about PCs, you ask the eight ball."

[Thanks, Travis]

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