WSJ: Steve Jobs 'pouring almost all of his attention' into an Apple tablet

There isn't a lot to go by here, but if the Wall Street Journal's sources are to believed, recently-returned Apple CEO Steve Jobs is currently focusing the vast majority of his attention on the oft rumored tablet device, micromanaging every detail much in the way he did with the iPhone. The report also says that the tablet project has been twice killed by Jobs in recent years -- first time because of bad battery life, which we get, and second because of insufficient memory, which seems a little less believable. Interestingly and uncharacteristically, Jobs took it upon himself to respond, saying via email, "much of your information is incorrect." If Apple really is ramping up to unveiling a tablet, the first of its kind for the company, we have no doubt Jobs would be personally watching over every minute detail of it -- what we really want to know is when we might see something materialize, and that's still very much a mystery.