Phat Loot Phriday: Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat

Yes, I did just get this last night, but actually, we're doing this one based on @ronaldscott's Twitter recommendation.

Name: Weather-beaten Fishing Hat (Wowhead, Thottbot, Armory)
Type: Rare Cloth Head
Armor: 127

  • +40 Stamina, +40 Spirit

  • On equip: increased fishing +5. This hat isn't to be confused with the Lucky Fishing Hat, which also gives this fishing bonus, and is available only through turn-ins at the Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament. +5 bonus isn't a huge bonus to fishing at all (your main +bonus comes from your fishing pole), but given that it's an extra +5, it's worth having.


  • And here's the good part: on use, attach a lure to your equipped fishing pole that increases fishing by +75 for 10 minutes. With a 10 minute cooldown, you effectively have an infinite lure. Unfortunately, the highest bonus from lures is actually 100, so if you need those extra few points somewhere, you'll still have to shell out for a lure (or, more likely, pick them up from the fishing quest reward). But this hat will come in handy if you're doing any regular fishing for sure.

  • Plus, can you say stylin'? No, really, this shares a model with the "Stylin'" hats, which means it looks pimp.

How to Get It: It's a rare (like 1%) drop from the Bag of Fishing Treasures, the reward from the daily fishing quests in Shattrath or Dalaran. So basically all you've got to do is fish a lot and get lucky. Fortunately, Blizzard just buffed the daily fishing quest -- it now sometimes gives a Dalaran cooking award, which is a big help if you're going for that hat.

And this is a great time to mention something we heard at BlizzCon as well. Blizzard is working on tuning up fishing, and they mentioned Animal Crossing as an influence. They said that likely, you'll see a fish in the water and decide whether or not you want to go after it, and then you'll throw your lure in and have to watch as the fish does or doesn't decide to bite it. Does that sound more fun? Maybe not, but Blizzard has said they specifically want to bring more fun into fishing and all of the other professions soon. Should be interesting to see.

Getting Rid of It: You'll want to save it, because even though the regular stats may not be that great, odds are you'll have to wait quite a while until another fishing hat option rolls around again. But just in case they do implement that Animal Crossing thing, and you hate it so much you want to quit fishing and burn all of your gear, you can sell it off for 2g 54s 90c, or disenchant it into a Large Prismatic Shard, with a small chance of a Void Crystal.