SendStation's latest PocketDock is slightly larger than a penny, has much better audio quality than a dime

SendStation has impressed us before with its PocketDock line, back in 2007 releasing a tiny nub to suck audio, video, and even get a USB out from an iPod. The company's latest, the PocketDock Line Out Mini USB, is far smaller -- no bigger than Apple's own charging plug -- yet sports a Mini-USB port for charging and a non-powered 3.5mm line out that enables better quality tunes from your pod when connected to an amplified device. The kit even includes a set of tiny stereo RCA jacks that would like nothing better than to mount the front of your receiver. This latest PocketDock is available right now for $29.95 on the other end of that read link, and we're told they'll be showing up in Apple Stores, too.

[Via SlashGear]