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Xbox 360 'Super Elite' with 250GB HDD glimpsed in South African retail ad

So much for secrecy. South African Xbox 360 distributor Comztek has told local gaming news site that the a 250GB "Super Elite" model is due there in October. Additionally, the Forza 3 bundle we saw heading to Germany is also en route to SA, retailing for R4,999 (US $646), or around the same price as the Elite before its recent global price cut. South African retailer BT Games has apparently also posted a flier in honor of the launch (pictured), offering a R500 discount on the Super Elite (non-Forza 3 bundle, presumably) with the trade-in of a slimline PlayStation 2, totaling R4,199 (US $541) post-discount, or a 120GB Elite for R2,999 after the same trade-in rebate. Let's hope the folks in Redmond have as much of a sense of humor about leaks as Sony does.

[Via Joystiq]