MSI's AMD-powered U210 up for pre-order, still not 'official'

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MSI's AMD-powered U210 up for pre-order, still not 'official'
Who needs press releases? You can snap up an MSI U210 pre-order right this second on Amazon, so why bother waiting MSI to actually confirm the thing for a Stateside release? Morality. That's why. Kids these days think they can just drop $430 on any old Athlon Neo MV-40-powered (the same chips at the heart of HP's dv2) 12-inch XGA ultraportable with 2GB of RAM and a 250GB HDD and 802.11n and not have to pay the consequences. Well, we're not standing for it. That read link right below? Not an implied approval of these illicit activities.

[Via Mark's Technology News]
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