Atlantic Technology, Solus/Clements team up to deliver big bass from small speakers

The pesky laws of physics being what they are, loudspeaker designers have typically been forced to optimize two features from the "bass extension / small cabinet / power efficiency" triad and stick the consumer with the result. Solus/Clements has been working on some clever design to bring a change to that balance, and Atlantic Technology is interested enough in the H-PAS (Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System) design to help license the technology to interested speaker manufacturers. CEDIA attendees will be able to check out the cabinet construction tech that promises to deliver lots of bass from small enclosures and drivers, without needing any special electronics or equalization. The H-PAS demo is certainly promising big -- two 4.5-inch drivers in a 1.4-cubic foot box reaching down to 29Hz at 105dB -- and we'd all love to get more bass from smaller boxes; bass quality is about more than a single low-frequency extension figure. Color us cautiously optimistic for great results in the fourth quarter of this year.