Argentinian reporter warns of the dangers of Monkey Island 'Grog'

It's awfully hard to type when you've been chortling for four hours straight -- still, this video is too beautiful and perfect for us not to share with you. Here's the rundown: A reporter at an Argentinian news station was working on exposing the teen drinking epidemic when he stumbled across a popular beverage with startling ingredients. Said ingredients include kerosene, artificial sweeteners, rum, acetone, red dye no. 2 -- sound familiar yet? Played any Monkey Island games recently?

Yes, a major Argentinian news station recently shed some light on the disturbing trend of imbibing Grog -- in fact, the emoticon-unsavvy reporter actually calls it "Grog XD." The video of this hard-hitting news, spliced with footage from Secret of Monkey Island (and subtitles!) is posted after the jump. We attach a 100 percent guarantee to your viewing of the video -- it will light up your life.