Samsung Application Store announced, the mobile mall gets a little more crowded

Oh, look, it's another place to buy bite-sized mobile apps, this one courtesy of Samsung. The company isn't exactly new to the whole application store thing, launching a little outlet for Nokia users earlier this year, but piggy-backing on someone else's platform and boldly blazing a trail of iFart knockoffs on your own hardware are two very different things. The imaginatively named Samsung Application Store launches on September 14 for British, French, and Italian Omnia and I8910 HD handsets, later coming to the Omnia II and OmniaLITE as well as users in various other nations. Samsung is pledging "over 300" apps to start, while partners like Electronic Arts, Capcom, Gameloft, and TAITO have signed on for the fun. Omnia BUST-A-MOVE, anyone?

[Via NewsWire]