Video: ASUS EeeTop PC ET2002T gets touched up

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|08.31.09

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Video: ASUS EeeTop PC ET2002T gets touched up
We might already have all the specalicious details on the new EeeTops from ASUS, but it never hurts to see one in action, right? Taking center stage here is the voice-activated widgetry ASUS has added to its Windows 7 install, allowing you to check the weather, play music, and even initiate Skype calls solely via the awesomeness of your voice. Expected to retail at €599 in Europe, the 20-inch ET2002T definitely looks sleek, though its screen is glossy enough for the camera girl to wave at us surreptitiously a number of times. Check it out, but be warned, there's a small bit of salty language midway through, which is as inappropriate for the office as it is hilarious.

[Via Notebook Italia]
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